Bird Abatement Services 
and nuisance bird removal 

Action Critter Removal also specializes in Bird Abatement from Airports, Landfills, Wineries, Warehouses and Blueberry Fields with the use of trained birds of prey. ↓


Pigeon, Removal
Starling, Removal ↓



Contact Action Critter Removal, Serving Metro Atlanta GA since 2004. We are your professional wildlife removal and relocation specialists for all wildlife including Squirrel removal, Bat Removal, Rodent Removal, Bird Removal, Snake Removal, from House, Attics, Basements,  Buildings, and Stores.

Squirrels in attic
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We are a full-service wildlife removal and relocation company providing service to residential, industrial, and commercial clients in all Georgia counties . Our team of professionals will provide you with state of the art animal removal procedures and a written nuisance animal damage repair estimate for your property , our licensed contractors are expert technicians dedicated to working with you to implement a solution that meets your needs.
Certified by the Department of Natural Resources
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We Remove All Critters !

 Mammal Removal, : Bat removal , Rat removal , Squirrel removal , Flying Squirrel removal , Raccoon removal , Beaver removal , Ground Hog removal , Fox removal, Coyote removal , Bobcat removal , Wild Hog removal , Etc...

 Reptile Removal, : Venomous Snake removal , Non-Venomous Snake removal , Alligator removal , Snapping Turtle removal , Etc...

 Bird Removal, : Falcon removal , Hawk removal , Owl removal , Seagull removal , Geese removal, Duck removal , Sparrow removal , Grackle removal , Starling removal , Pigeon removal, Etc...

Bee Removal, : Honey Bees , Wasps , Hornets , Yellow Jackets , Etc...